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Laugh out loud! Happiness is a choice

Why do we laugh?

We like to think about laughter as a response to something funny, but have you ever thought of a laughter as a choice? We always react to our circumstances... If it rains we feel sad, if it shines we smile, therefore living most of the time reacting upon our circumstances rather than creating our circumstances.

As we feel emotions in our body, we physically feel our body react. Like when we are angry, perhaps our face gets red or we clench our fists... Because nothing in our body works in isolation, whether we feel it or not, our internal organs also clench and tense up! Usually your body reacts to emotions for 60 seconds (this is when you feel a physical effect, hot hands or butterflies in your stomach), after that whatever tension we hold in our bodies is mostly our choice. Many of us know the feeling of being stuck in the same loop of thoughts or emotions for a prolonged period of time and feeling the body tense up a little more each time.

There are countless techniques to release the tension from the surface of the body and from the internal organs but there is one technique in particular that we wanted to talk about today. And that is LAUGHING! :)

As we know, laughter is the best medicine ...but why?

Obviously laughter is producing many chemical reactions in our brain that makes us feel happier, more alive and satisfied. Yet laughter is not only a chemical reaction, laughter is also a vibration. Physically, vibration produced by laughter comes from deep inside, shakes and stirs many internal organs releasing deeply accumulated tension. The same vibration clears breathing pathways and energy channels (meridians) in the body, clearing away old blockages and stagnant energy.

After some time of choosing laughter again and again and producing the same vibration, we can also have a very deep heart opening experience and come back to our bodies more than ever.

Please inquire your local Body and Brain Centre for the times of next laughing classes.


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