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If you would like to deepen your practice, heal yourself, develop a better lifestyle and elevate your spirituality

we highly recommend you to take a workshop.

Understand and Practice how to develop the awareness, Connect with internal sense, Release emotional blockage, Improve your lifestyle and relationship, Recover self love and harmony, Tap into inner wisdom & Get the answer about life.


Emotional Cleasing, Healing & Life Transformation 

Initial Awakening

The first step to awakening is to awaken yourself to your own body - after all this is your vehicle through life, this is where your soul resides. Do you really know your body "in and out"? Do you know all your tensions and weaknesses and what emotions are they related to? Get to know your body and awaken your senses to the source of your real power - your second charka Don Jon. All that in a 1 day workshop. 

Shim Sung

Who are you beyond your emotions? Who are you beyond your thinking? Do you know who you really are and what is your lives purpose? Open your heart far and wide and get your answers at

2 day Shim Sung workshop. 

Chakra Balancing

This 1 day workshop including understanding about chakra, activate chakra system, remove energy blockage, learn posture and sound balancing chakra.

Your physical, energy, and spiritual body will be renewed 

Energy Healing Workshop

This 1 day workshop including sensitising/balanining body ,developing energy sensing ability,  practicing with sound, and more.

You will  leave the workshop in tune with the energy, creativity and vitality of your own body and mind 


This retreat is designed to help you expand and experience the healing power of nature that is unique to TENERIFE. Whether there’s a part of you that needs to heal, be more fully alive, or you are looking to open to your purpose in this life; this retreat will gift you the frequency to empower the most magnificent version of yourself.


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