Take a Journey Deep Within

All our retreats and programs are designed to reconnect individuals to the most powerful natural sites on the planet with the purpose of reinstating that power within. 

Leave your busy lifestyle for a moment to fully dive into yourself. All tours are carefully designed for you to take a deep journey within your mind, body and soul. Tours include plenty of exercises like Yoga and Ki Gong, nature walks and meditations, Tao lectures and workshops and a plethora of good food and company. 

Also learn about self-sustainable lifestyle and communities, how to be beneficial to yourself and to others and simply be the change you want to see in the world. 

All tours include accommodation, food and internal transportation. The program may change slightly from year to year. Please ask you local center for more details or contact us through the contact form.  





October 2019

12-16 June 2019




Go to the roots of ShinSunDo practice in South Korea  - Climb the Moak Mountain where this practice was truly born, soak in the energy of valleys and forests and travel to the depths of South Korea to participate in an International Kookhak KiGong Festival!

Visit Kookhak Woon - a centre for Earth Citizens to gather, practice and replenish their energy in Korea. There you will experience beautiful nature resort, modern training grounds and sleeping on heated floors!


To top the trip off you will visit breathtaking Jeju Island where you will be able to truly become one with nature.


Immerse yourself in the colours of red rocks and an enchanting Arizona desert to restore the balance in your mind, body and soul. 

You will have an opportunity:

To greet the Sun raising above The Grand Canyon in the morning;

Eat lovingly prepared food that is farmed in our resort by practicing Earth Citizens;

Participate in workshops and lectures with renowned Tao masters.



Discover the power of nature within through 12 enlightenments tour in New Zealand!  

Visit Mago Holiday Park where the energy of Sky and Earth are so harmonious it is impossible to avoid your power within.

Take a walk in ancient forests and learn about the nature from giant ancient trees, spread your wings on the swings above the streams and dance with springs and waterfalls.

Meet indigenous Maori people in Waitiki Treaty Grounds to share the culture and the dream for the future of humanity and the Earth




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