Finding True Self

Break free from thought

and feel your nature

In Korean Shim means "heart or mind" Sung means "open" and this workshop is indeed all about opening your heart and mind. This workshop will primarily teach you how to focus on yourself to the point where you feel who you really are at your core. 


This workshop lets you take a look at yourself with an honest and open mind. Take a look at your thoughts, patterns and habits. Are you stuck in a negative pattern? Is there anything about your current situation that you would like to change?


At Shim Sung you can go beyond your thoughts and ideas, beyond your physical 5 senses and FEEL who you really are at your core so that you can live a more authentic life fueled by your essence. 


Shim Sung itself does not provide the answer to your questions, but it will help you generate enough energy and focus so that you feel and discover all the answers from within.

How to start? What to expect?


We always advise you to start regular classes before you can do Shim Sung. This will allow you to prepare your body and mind for the big change that Shim Sung is ought to bring. So before booking your Shim Sung please contact the centre manager and join a few of our classes! 


Shim Sung essentially consists of 4 parts: 1.5 hour pre-training a week before the weekend, 2 full day weekend workshop and 3 hour post-training a week later after Shim Sung workshop. 


Your pre-training will be in your local centre with your centre manager, however the big weekend and post training will be held in Epsom Body and Brain centre. 


Finding your True Self workshop has been running for more than 30 years and has birthed a lot of light and awakenings into the world. You will receive all the support that you need from experienced staff throughout the whole process, before, during and after the workshop.

Shim Sung dates for 2019:


April          13-14

May      11-12

June     8-9

July       13-14

August  10-11

September  14-15

October       19-20

November   16-17