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3 main principles of Body & Brain Training

All of our classes are focused on restoring balance in physical body and creating a healthy energy flow. Let us introduce you to some of the main principles of Body & Brain Practice!

Water Up, Fire Down

From a physical perspective, when you have a good "water up, fire down" you have very healthy intestines, good blood and nutrient circulation. It means you are digesting and absorbing nutrients well and the waste material doesn't stagnate in your body this creates good energy circulation in your body.

When your energy is in optimal balance and circulation, the cool water energy in your body goes up to your head and the hot fire energy travels down to your abdomen. In that energy state, you are physically strong and mentally clear, with a cool head, open chest and warm abdomen.

Tip: Make sure you exercise and move your intestines regularly and drink a lot of hot or lukewarm water to improve your digestion.

Where the Mind Goes, Energy Follows

Energy follows the direction of your mind and leads to creation of reality, both in your hands and in your life. This principle reminds us to pay attention to what we are thinking and of its power to create our lives.

Tip: For 10 minutes a day sit down in a quite reflection and notice: where does your mind go? If you notice yourself making plans for tomorrow, worrying about something or getting distracted, gently bring your mind to your breath and watch your breath come in and out 21 times.

From Health to Happiness to Peace

As your practice deepens, you will develop energy through phases starting from physical strength to emotional well-being to clearer and more peaceful mind that will eventually light up your spirit. For all phases, physical strength and grounded energy is the foundation for progress.

Tip: To be able to practice this principle, you first need to master the other 2 principles - become the master of your body and mind.


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