Body&Brain is based on a traditional Korean Sun Do Practice that dates to 5,000 years BC. This practice was once a part of popular culture in Northeast Asia during the Dahngun era. However, mainstream culture has moved away from  this practice and for centuries it was only practiced in secret by Sun Do masters who lived away in the mountains. 


The main principle of Body&Brain holistic training integrates Korean Taoist philosophy and Korean Medicine tradition taken from 9,000 year old sacred text called Chun Bu Kyon that teaches us about physical, mental and spiritual health. A deep understanding of lifeforce energy or "Ki" is fundamental to this concept of health.


This practice is an energy practice that is so much more than solely physical exercise. Based on timeless universal principles, it's purpose is holistic and continual self-development. By following these principles it helps us to achieve expression of these principles in our daily life. 


We live our mission every day by delivering integrative lifestyle education and guidance for health, mindful and sustainable living to individuals, groups and communities.

A little bit of history
Ilchi Lee

Ilchi Lee is a teacher, humanitarian and an author who is one of the world’s experts on living with mindfulness. After a lifetime of personal search and practice, Ilchi Lee found Body & Brain holistic training.


He developed his lessons based on an ancient Korean practice called Sun Do or Sun Tao. The principles of Sun Do may be likened to tai chi, yoga, martial arts forms, meditation and other mind-body practices that grow character and consciousness.

Now with the centres accross the globe, Ilchi Lee is working every day to find workable means of fostering a more peaceful, sustainable global culture. Various organisations have been created holding these principles at their core, like IBREA, Earth Citizen Organization, Tao Fellowiship etc that work in collaboration with Ilchi Lee teaching humanity about sustainable physical, mental and spiritual health. Ilchi Lee is continually collaborating with the United Nations in order to achieve their common vision of ultimate human development and world peace.

What do we do in the UK?

In the UK, Body&Brain holistic training has been present for more than 13 years and has a strong community in and around London and East Sussex. We have 6 centres that are dedicated to teaching holistic wellness and integrative lifestyle education. We aim to contribute to healthy living movement and the spirit of Earth Citizenship. 

We actively promote Earth Citizens Movement and a Change Your Energy UK charity. If you want to get involved in many projects that we are involved in, get in touch with your local Body&Brain centre and speak to the centre manager! We will be delighted to have you on board on the road to a healthy, happy and peaceful society.

What do we do in the world?

Today the practice is an effective and modern solution to adressing most common physical, emotional and spiritual problems that we face as a humanity. We have centres in Korea, United States, UK, Germany, Russia, Japan, China, Kuwait and Quater. Apart from offering yoga, Ki Gong and Tai Chi classes daily, we also offer therapies, massages, self-development workshops and teacher training programs. 


Apart from hundreds of centres worldwide, we also have various associations and charities doing some pretty amazing things so be sure to read about them by clicking on the left and see if you want to get involved in hundreds of running projects.

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