"Do" means "awakening" and Tong is "connection". Each person can be a conscious creator of his or her life by becoming the master of their physical body, awakening to all senses and creating a stronger mind-body connection. Without that connection our life is quickly filled with preconceptions, ideas and stereotypes about ourselves that more than anything stop us from achieving our goals. As the result of this self made prison, the place where we feel free progressively becomes smaller and we stop taking action to make our lives and the lives around us better.



Shim Sung teaches us to recognize patterns in our belief system and Dotong Course teaches us about the importance of releasing them. When we tense up from stress of self limitation our brain tenses up, our vital life functions become weaker and our energy levels drop. Dotong places a big importance on getting to know our brain better but more importantly relaxing our brain. When we relax we can use our brain to its higher capacity, create new neurological pathways quicker and more effectively and we inevitably are able to achieve more. 

Dotong Course also teaches us about the importance of collaborating in the group and working as a responsible community to create a better world. It reconnects us with the energy of the Earth which is desperate for us to start taking care of ourselves and the planet. You can reconnect with the nature, Earth's energy and nature's principles.


Program outline: 


  • Know who you really are, awaken your body and brain.

  • Develop your power through Dotong Gunja Ki Gong creating a deep connection with the Earth.

  • Teachings of principles 

  • Collaborative healing and collective action


Do Tong Course dates in 2019

January  26-27

May 18-19

July  20-21

November  23 - 24



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