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Belly Button Is the Key to Vibrant Health

For the past 35 years, I have been exploring different ways of helping people achieve an optimal state of well-being. During the process of creating these methods, my mind was focused on just one question: How can I create an easy and simple method that anyone can quickly learn and benefit from? Belly Button Healing was born through this concern and focus. Belly Button Healing pumps blood collecting in the intestines and stimulates our second brain, the enteric nervous system. It is a truly powerful tool through which anyone can experience immediate effects such as improving blood circulation, increasing vitality, and releasing tension. Especially when you lack vitality or you’re tired, if you do Belly Button Healing even for a minute, you will soon feel your body growing warmer and recovering vigor. My heart fills full of joy and gratitude whenever I hear Belly Button Healing stories from lots of people worldwide. One elderly woman, who was once unable to drink water or move, started drinking water after receiving Belly Button Healing. She has now started eating porridge, moving, and walking, too. I hope you also adopt Belly Button Healing actively in your daily life for your health, happiness, and peace.

On June 25, there was the first BELLY BUTTON HEALING WORKSHOP in London.

Here are some of the sharings from the participants!

After the belly button healing, I feel some of my emotional baggages have been lifted off. I don't know why or how but I feel a lot lighter. In the work-shop, I could touch my toes before the 1 minute exercise of the healing wand, after I could touch the floor. It was amazing!” - Ronke Arogundade

I can sleep well when I use this ‘Healing Life’ a lot during the day. Now I am full of energy, I can't wait to go out and do things!" - Yiannis Ioannou

“ This workshop coincided with my spiritual path that I am on.” - A. Cook

“ I enjoyed everything about the workshop. Being a doctor, I felt this can help heal, first myself. Understanding how intestinal health is important for our overall well-being, I believe this can be the tool for achieving that. It's a physical process for our intestinal health, but also, it was powerful to realize that it is a way to connect to ourselves and others in a deeper level. I would recommend this to all my patients.” - Laurene Whitfield


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