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This 2 day workshop is run 2 times a year and is a fantastic opportunity to get to know yourself on a much deeper level. This workshop will help you develop not only strong, grounded lower body's chakras but also activate vibrant and powerful upper body chakras. 


Also you will get to study:


- Energetic anatomy

- Feeling your chakras and partner healing 

- How to strengthen your chakras 

- How to activate your chakras through sound, light, vibration

- Exercises to awaken chakras


The Jade Gate 

The Earth Palace

The Sun Lotus 

The Mind Palace

The Soul's Gate

The Heaven's Palace

The Heaven's Gate

"The chakras are reflected of the induvidual's consciousness. In other words, your chakras are activated according to that which you focus on the most. Many people spend most of their time activating the first, second and third chakras. Since the brain is the seat of consciousness, it follows that our chakra system is also affected by the brain. 


Sexual appetite, fear, anxiety, desire, and despair are manifested when consciousness is trapped at the level of the lower three chakras. Unfortunately, we currently live in a society obsessed with sex, money, and other physical and material desires. The mind-set leaves individuals in an imbalanced state of being, while also contributing to an unhealthy cultural and natural environment." 



"Full activation of the chakra system is an important matter not only for the individual, but for all human society as well. When we activate the fourth through the seventh chakras, and utilize their connection to the profound energies of the universe, we will stimulate and awaken higher planes of human existence, consisting of wisdom, love, mercy, and insight, among others."


From Healing Chakras, Awaken Your Body's Energy System for Complete Health, Happiness, and Peace

Healing Chakra dates in 2019


March     23-24

September   21-22