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True Life

Today we had an amazing day at our Dahn Yoga centre, filled with joy, laughter, love and enlightenment! We have decided to share with you today's message from Calligraphic Meditation book that we read together while enjoying the taste of warm ShimSun tea after each class:

"True life surrounds our bodies, within and without, through the void. Money, knowledge, prestige, success, and the rest are merely the shadows of life. Take hold of the pulse of life; don't live clinging to life's shadows. Encounter true life.

Compared to the infinite void, our bodies are small things, like dust. But our minds can feel the whole void and can easily embrace it.

Breathing correctly is the best way of feeling the void. breathe each breath consciously for a while, and you'll come to understand that the source of your being is not your body, but the void itself."


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