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Kookhak KiGong Festivals openening ceremony gathered 12 000 people in Seoul, Korea!

The 5th annual Kookhak KiGong Festival took place in Seoul, South Korea

Kookhakkigong athletes and practitioners around the world and citizens of Seoul who love Kookhak Kigong have gathered on 21 October 2017 in Seoul Plaza to celebrate the opening ceremony for an International KookhakKigong Competition for all.

Kookhak Kigong is the systematic, modernized adaptation of Sundo, a traditional unique mind-body training method in Korea. The philosophy of Kookhakkigong is based on the spirit of Hongik, which directs us to benefit all Life and all people. Kookhakkigong includes a variety of modernistic training methods and programs which help every person regardless of age or gender to strengthen their own bodies and minds with greater facility and cultivate the temperament and constitution of a Hongik Ingan - a human being who serves the good of earth and of humankind.

The competition was held in Seoul with many Korean and International teams participating. Teams from Japan, China, Quatar, UK and many other countries participated with their group performances in different categories. Last year Team UK won Gold in an International Teams category, this year Team UK won Harmony award in International Teams category.


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