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How Does Information Become Reality?

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

We are living in the Information Age. The past was a time when those with a lot of power or knowledge were successful. Now, though, the key to success is the kind of information you create and how you use it. It's a time when information is value. Models of success in the Information Age, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are examples not of learning humans, but of information-creating, information-using humans. The two men have shown us a case in which success was achieved by developing material products that change the living culture of humanity through information.

No matter how big a project or goal may be, it begins in a single idea, in other words, in information. In the instant we choose some information, energy starts to be activated, centered on that information. Then, when the information we've chosen is concentrated through repeated action, different opportunities appear, creating the necessary conditions, and the information is converted into matter, into reality. That's why the the rule of our Brain Operating System, “What you choose becomes reality,” is the most principal rule for using our brains.

Let's say that someone who doesn't know how to stand on her hands properly wants to take 10 steps while doing a handstand. The first step for achieving this goal is creating and choosing the information that says, I will take 10 steps while doing a handstand. You cannot immediately walk in a handstand, however, just because you choose that information. You have to first develop the muscular strength to walk in a handstand by repeatedly training, step-by-step—first doing push-ups, then doing a handstand with your feet against the wall, etc. However, muscular strength alone is not enough to walk in a handstand. Through repeated trial and error, your brain develops the senses needed to walk in a handstand. Once your body develops muscular strength and your brain acquires a new sense of balance, you will be able to walk 10 steps in a handstand. What was at first merely a form of information gains energy through repeated action, and, ultimately, becomes a new reality.

Throughout my life, I've experienced more intensely than anyone else how information is converted into matter, how it becomes reality. Thirty-five years ago, on Mt. Moak in South Korea, I realized that my energy is cosmic energy and my mind is cosmic mind. In the instant that I experienced complete unity with the Source of life, the problems of humanity and the whole planet felt as if they were my own. I heard an inner voice, then, sincerely worrying about the future of the Earth and humanity, and I resolved to give my life to the work of helping human consciousness become mature enough to take responsibility for the health and peace of the whole planet. I established the concrete goal of enabling at least 100 million of the Earth's population to have such consciousness. That was the most important information of my life, which I chose.

The information I chose at the time was greater than my ability to cope with it. Energy did not immediately stick to that information, and I had no strength and no one with whom to share that information. So, early in the morning a few days later, I went to a park and started sharing the information I'd chosen with people as I taught them exercises and methods of meditation. My actions at first had neither name nor form. I met people as, for five years, I continuously and repeatedly taught classes in a park, and energy gradually started to form. The mind-body training methods I taught took on the name of Dahnhak. The number of people studying with me gradually increased, and I started opening a center because it was difficult to teach them all in that small park. The centers grew from one to ten to a hundred, until now there are over a thousand centers worldwide.

The entire process of accepting, choosing, using, and creating information takes place in the brain. That's why, in the Information Age, the human brain is important. The brain, by choosing information and directing that it be repeated and trained, creates energy, and that energy accumulates to give birth to form, to matter. That's why I often say that the quality and quantity of information in a person's brain determines her value.

The future direction of the entire human race, as well as of individual lives, is determined by how and for what we use our brains. Most people now are using and creating information for their personal success amid infinite competition. Unless we educate ourselves, enabling our brains to create information and value beneficial to all life, the very survival of the planet will be threatened. With this in mind, I developed Brain Education over two decades ago to enable more and more people to awaken to the value of their brains and to use their brains for things that contribute to all humankind and the Earth, and I am spreading it worldwide.

All the things I've done for the last 35 years have, ultimately, been a process of creating, integrating, and using information. The starting point was creating and choosing for myself the information, "I will create 100 million Earth Citizens, people with awakened consciousness who are considerate of the Earth and all humanity. Since then, I've shared my dream with everyone I've met. Of course, not everyone sympathized with my thinking. Many people have considered me foolish and crazy. Paying them no mind, however, I've continued to find people who sympathize with my vision and, in solidarity with them, have thought hard about how I could share with more people and more quickly new information capable of causing human consciousness to evolve.

Not once have I changed the goal and dream I chose at first, but I've created and used a lot of new information to realize that goal. I have created over 360 training methods, set up many for-profit and nonprofit corporations, established a research institute and a school, written books, and given lectures. And I've given help and also received help as I've met a huge number of people.

After 10 years of preparation, in 2013, I made a movie, Change: The LifeParticle Effect, and also published a book by the same title. It was to deliver a message calling on humanity to work together to create a healthy, sustainable, global culture by pursuing inner growth and realization of internal values instead of aiming for external growth amid infinite competition. My aspirations, which were reflected in the movie, elicited sympathy from many people, and the film won awards at different international film festivals, which was a chance for the film to become more widely known.

Last fall, I opened the movie online, making it possible for anyone to watch it free of charge through the Internet. I feel great joy and gratitude that a community of like-minded people is forming as the film spreads worldwide. Be sure to watch my film, Change, if you haven't yet seen it. If it inspired you, please spread the word about it. If you agree with the information contained in Change, and if you want to act for positive change in yourself and humanity, then please visit the Earth Citizens Organization website. There you will be able meet many like-minded, positive, passionate Earth Citizens.

The Earth's clock is gradually ticking faster. At least 10 percent of the planet's population must choose information and a way of life that can save our species and the Earth, creating meaningful change as quickly as possible. I hope that the number of people who have had such a realization and made such a choice will reach 100 million within at least five years, by 2020. And, instead of just being one of those 100 million, I hope you will be a leader who creates a hundred, a thousand Earth Citizens. Please actively share this information with those around you. As we help and encourage each other, let's turn this information we've chosen into reality for ourselves and the Earth.




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