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Help your staff achieve their best personal potential through a mind/body training

Body&Brain offers a unique service where our trained Brain Education trainer would come to your workplace and give you and your employees some simple yet effective techniques on how to stay focused, efficient but at the same time be full of energy and not burn out in an office environment. Its at those times when staff feel their best in their bodies, the mind can stay relaxed and focused. When anxiety and fatigue levels drop, the best ideas can be born. Creativity can flow freely and productivity levels can be maximised. 


How many times during the day do you notice yourself or your staff working on one thing and thinking about another?

This mismatch between body's actions and brain's activities leads to stress and anxiety which tenses up the body (most commonly shoulders and upper back). Under such conditions your body wastes so much energy just on keeping up with the tension alone, that the body gets easily tired and the mind becomes foggy. This often results in low levels of productivity, communication problems between collegues and your body takes longer to recover from a long day at the office.


Body&Brain training focuses on the importance of our brain function in our lives. We believe that our bodys condition tells a lot about our brain condition. When the body is flexible and light, our blood is circulating well and brings fresh oxygen to all our organs and cells. Our brains are also flexible, active and creative. Our training is unique as it concentrates on developing not only the physical body but also the brain itself. It offers a variety of mind-body exercises that restore the balance between the brain's left and right hemispheres, which helps with clear thinking, better decision making and an increase in energy levels.  

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