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Body & Brain centres offer comprehensive classes for all ages and fitness levels. We have 4 main types of classes - Ki Gong, Vibration, Holistic and Gut Health - that together create a holistic system to restore the balance between your mind and body. Through a variety of physical and meditative practices, learn how to improve your fitness levels as well as control the flow of ki energy. Such awareness of your mind & body will help reduce stress, control emotions and add a spring to your step!

Body & Brain believes that optimal health is achieved through a careful balance of the needs of the physical, energy and spirit bodies. This can be achieved through a regular practice of classes that encourage a healthy lifestyle and self-discipline. Our policy is a friendly, personal approach and attention to detail. Our staff will always be there to help you find your way and answer any of your questions. Your practice and awareness of Ki energy will deepen should you wish to participate in carefully designed Body & Brain workshops. 


Rooted in Shin-seon-do (Taoist) practices of Korea, Ki Gong involves meditative movement and breath awareness that help the practitioner accumulate Ki energy and develop insight. 


Some of the benefits include skeleton alignment, improved circulation, better sleep, significant improvement of chronic illnesses, supple body, confidence, stable and relaxed mind.


In eastern medicine, having a warm abdomen is the key to vibrant life and gut health equals total health of mind and body.


Learn how to move and detoxify your internal organs for good digestion and nutrient absorbtion.  Stimulating your gut is crucial for your immunity and good circulation. 


Holistic classes will vary between deep meridian stretching, cardio and core strengthening classes. 


These classes will help with stress management, weight loss, increase energy levels among other benefits. Holistic classes are truly energizing and empower to live a healthy life through a balance of mind & body.


This is a rhythmical training method used to eliminate excess thoughts and find stillness. It begins with moving your body to the beat of traditional Korean drumming art. In a sense, you could say you are calibrating your brain to get back in sync with your body which will help you get rid of your "self" and move into so called zero consciousness. 

If you wish to try any of our classes, please choose the location of your preferred centre and book a 1-2-1 introductory session or a group trial class. 

If you have any questions please use the form below to contact us.



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BRIGHTON         01273 357 559

EPSOM              01372 743 991

HAMMERSMITH  020 8222 8542

PUTNEY            020 8780 2555

READING          0118 327 2550

WALTON           01932 259 759

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