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The Energy Principles


Body & Brain uses three energy principles to explain the phenomenon of energy in relation to our body, brain, and environment.

These three energy principles are indispensable components of our Body & Brain practice.

Water up, Fire down


The optimal energetic balance and circulation in our body is a cool head, open chest, and warm abdomen. Unfortunately, under stressful conditions this natural balance is thrown off and reverses, causing us to become “hot-headed” and sluggish.


When we are overly anxious, enraged, or plagued by troublesome thoughts, our mouths become very dry and our saliva takes on a bitter taste, because the fire energy from the heart, unable to circulate downward, rises upward and breaks energy balance within the body. 

Water energy ascends and fire energy descends naturally in our bodies when our minds are settled and at peace. When this happens, our mouths fill with sweet saliva. We are filled with even more energy and our minds become even clearer if we swallow this saliva. 


So in the classes and workshops you learn simple techniques to manage your energy, to keep the hot fire energy in your belly and cool water energy in your head. In this energetic state, you will not only be physically stronger but also mentally clear and feel grounded in any situation. Your body achieves harmony and maintains a state of optimum health. 

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Tai Chi
Where the mind goes, energy follows

Energy follows the direction of your mind and ultimately leads to the creation of your physical reality. This principle reminds us to pay attention to what we are thinking of and of the power of our thoughts to create and directly influence our lives as well the lives of others.


Our practice trains us to master our mind and to harness energy to manifest the life that we envision for our self.

Body, mind and spirit


While our body, mind, and spirit are not separate from each other, Body & Brain practice helps us focus on each component to provide the required attention for our comprehensive growth and well-being.


We gather energy in the body, as this energy grows it reaches the mind expanding the heart and from there it brightens the spirit.


As we gather and stabilize our physical energy in the body, we attain a clear mind and open heart. As this energy grows and expands our spirit becomes brighter.

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