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Play, learn, grow and make friends!

Power Brain Education is an exciting combination of physical, emotional and cognitive exercises that tap in to the infinite potential of the brain. Using contemporary research from neuroscience and education combined with Eastern energy principles it is a unique, fun & challenging programme for young people of all ages.


The key areas we develop are:






Emotional Wellness

Physical wellness

Stress management 


Through mindfulness training and Brain Versatilizing exercises that promote neuroplasticity, Power Brain literally helps kids build their focus and attention. Other significant positive outcomes include self esteem, improved peer relationships, learning efficiency, anxiety reduction and stress management. 


PBE classes are a fun & challenging environment that grow a child's potential and raise their levels of health & happiness. Read more at

Power Brain Earth Kids

We think it is important to cultivate the best in our children so that they can take control of their own lives and not get stuck in the old ways of humanity. Our children are the future and the health of the earth will eventually depend on them and generations to come, but for now they wholeheartedly rely on us to provide them with the right information and tools to make their way through life.


Our actions create our destiny (and the destiny of the Earth on a grand scale), our habits create our actions and our habits are created by the information that is stored in our brains. The work of the humain brain, the quality of our lives and the Earth as a whole literally depend on what kind of information we present to ourselves and our kids. In the world where a playground in the nature is replaced by a virtual reality and environmental concerns are hitting the roof, it is vital that our kids grow up to be caring, mindful individuals. Our training helps children realise their own importance, get more confidence, erase any limitations that they might found themselves in, set goals for the future, achieve their dreams and simply have fun doing so!

William:  I like this class because it's very peaceful and awesome.  This class has helped me a lot by giving me lots of peace and exercise.  This is the best class ever!


Ella:  This class has helped me clear my brain and it's making me more flexible.  It helps me focus more so I can relax when I find it hard at school.




Amelia:  I like this class because you do a variety of things.  My favourite part is the meditation.  They make the yoga really fun!


Edward: I like this class because it's always enjoyable and relaxes me for the rest of the day/week.  What we do is interesting and unique which is a key point of why I like this class.  It helps me calm down. 



I like this class because it has helped me to focus more and it has helped me to get less angry with my brother.  I found out about this centre because my friend Sophie went here and she told me about it. 




Lillyrose: I couldn't touch my toes when 5-8 and now I am 9 I can nearly do it. 




Sophie:  I like this class because it helps me focus on my body and I haven't always found things so easy in my life and yoga has helped me.  I found out about it because I was walking in to the car park from Epsom and I thought it was cool. 




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