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Ki-gong is a form of an ancient Asian martial art. The main focus of this practice is to re-enable a healthy flow of energy in energy pathways of the body, Meridians, thus enabling a good circulation of energy thought all bodily systems. As we gather the energy in the core of the body, we make lower body strong and powerful and upper body flexible and light. While practicing Ki Gong a great importance is given to breathing. Only when respiratory system is restored to its natural way of functioning can one fully notice the benefits of Ki Gong practice: healthy, strong yet flexible physical body and calm but focused mind. 


Our classes are designed for all the levels so you can start any day you like. The exercises are easy to follow and our Masters always create a friendly atmosphere so that we can all grow and experience the benefits of Ki Gong together. Ki Gong teaches us to feel and develop the senses of the energy in and around our body and then whatever we do, we carry that feeling of oneness with the universal energy with us. The "Ki" in Ki Gong refers to energy or life force. "Gong" refers to a discipline or mastery. In essence it is mastering your own body, energy and mind. Be the master of your life. 

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Ki Gong Classes in Brighton
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Learning to use Ki is like learning to swim. The buoyancy of water, like Ki energy, is invisible and cannot be touched, but the instant we learn to use it, we can swim freely and move as we want. Even without studying Ki-gong, once we learn to use the current of the essential life within us, it flows from our bodies on its own. This is a natural phenomenon of life, like a fish playing in the water where it lives. 


When we live in accordance with the narural flow of life, our bodies maintain optimal health, and our minds become bright, positive and peaceful. The Korean people used the word "Yullyeo" to indicate a state of harmony within the natural rhythm and order of life. Dahnhak Ki-gong is training for bringing this Yullyeo to life. When this vital awereness in our bodies comes to life, our bodies themselves discriminate between what is bad and what is good for us. Even if our bodies are temporarily is a state of disharmony, they purify themselves of factors of imbalance to achieve a harmonious state. 


Various illnesses are cured and we do not readily become sick in the process of practicing Dahnhak Ki-gong because our bodies' immune systems are strengthened, maximizing their natural healing abilities. 


                                                                      - from Using the Body to Enlighten the Mind by Ilchi Lee

Ki Exercices for Recovering Naturalness of Life


Each movement in Dahnhak Ki-gong was created by standardising movements that come out naturally with the flow of energy when one is in a deep state of meditation. When body and mind become one in this energy, this oneness may express itself in dance. It may manifest in the form of martial arts movements, and appear in a variety of forms, such as vibrations and the hand gestures of Buddhist images. 


Although it involves turning over our bodies to the flow of energy, Dahnhak Ki-gong also consists of controlling the energy flow as we desire. These attitudes seem contrary to each other, but with depth of practice comes knowledge that the two are linked as one. 

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