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How can I start Body&Brain holistic training?

You can start your training anytime by booking an appointment here in your local centre. Alternatively, you can find your closest centre here and call us to book a time suitable to you. 


What do I wear/bring with me?

We have a uniform available to purchase at your local centre, however you can wear your clothes: white top and dark blue/black trousers. 


What do I wear/bring with me?


Please refer to your local centres timetable. We usually have 1 morning class at 10 am and 2 evening classes, 1 at 6pm and 1 at 7.30pm. All our classes require a warm up time. Please come 15 minutes prior to the class for the warm up with other members.


Who is this training for?


Our regular classes are literally for everyone! We do however have specialised classes for kids, seniours, parent and baby classes, family classes and pregnancy classes. Please have a look here for more information.


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