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Stong Body. Open Heart.

Bright Spirit.

We have a highly developed neo-cortex, the level of the brain that is responsible for thinking and analyzing information. It is so dominant that it sometimes leads to suppression of other parts of the brain, leading to an accumulation of stress and inability of the body to effectively restore itself back to health and balance. The best way to tone down the activity of the neo-cortex and maximise the efficiency of other parts of the brain is with a repetitive, continuous rhythm. Vibration classes use a repetitive rhythmic vibration to re-balance the activities of the 3 main layers of your brain. This will tone down the activity of the neo- cortex, activate the limbnic system, and allow you to connect with the life energy that resides in your brainstem.  

According to Asian traditional medical models, we all have meridians that run through the body and carry life energy, known as Ki. According to this model, any pain or disease that occurs in the body is the result of blockage to that energy flow. Vibration classes allow you to shake loose the blockages in your body for better energy flow. 


Through vibration you can learn to manage your energy, in much the same way as you manage your time or finances. If you feel stressed out or burned out, you may think it is because you have too much to do. That may indeed be the case, but for most people, burnout comes from the inability to manage their energy, not from having too much to do.


To manage the energy flow well it is important to realise your own personal natural rhythm. 'When you return to this basic rhythm of life, you return to what I call Yull-yo, the never-ending rhythm that pervades all of life and entire universe.'

'Physical benefits: Brain Wave Vibration will move your entire body, promoting cardiovascular fitness, improved circulation, and better strength and flexibility. It helps reduce the stress response in the body, inducting a state of deep relaxation. Finally, it will stimulate the body's innate healing ability.


Mental benefits: Just as your body will relax, so will your mind. As you learn to empty your mind of extraneous thoughts, you will also learn to shake off burdesome emotional memories. Your mind will become clearer, and you will be able to access your full creative potential. You will also gain a new sense of confidence as you begin to send positive messages to yourself. 


Spiritual benefits: As you go deeper into your practice, you will become aware of the energy field that bonds us all together, while also solidifying your personal sense of life purpose. Compassion, loving-kindness, and gratitude will flow naturally from your heart. Your life will become a reflection of your internal sesnse of integrity.'


                                                                           - from Brain Wave Vibration by Ilchi Lee

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