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Vitality yoga

Body and Brain Yoga offers a combination of exercises designed to raise one's body awareness and increase immunity so that your body bounces back to it's most natural state of health more effectively. A system of exercises include deep stretching, tapping, joint rotating and strengthening, endurance building exercises and shaking.​

A big part of the practice focuses on cleaning and restoring normal functions of our gut. Flexibility of internal organs will facilitate efficient circulation of both energy and blood and helps detox in the most natural way. We believe if your gut is healthy, then your body and brain will be healthy too!


Our set of regular classes will help you achieve a good mind and body connection. 



We like to keep it fun so our classes vary constantly and you will never get 2 classes that are identical!

Brighton Centre
Energy Circulation posture
Tea Meditation
Partner stretching
Partner stretching
Body & Brain Yoga & Ki Gong
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