Microsoft is investing in 10 non-profit organisations that will help make a difference in our world. 9 organisations were chosen by Miscosoft themselves but the 10th one will be chosen by us, the people of this world. Please help us make a difference by voting on social madia for IBREA.


A 10th nonprofit will receive $500,000 as well as Microsoft technology and services—part of $10 million they are kindly investing in organizations that are upgrading the world.


IBREA helps kids all over the world to reach to their higher potential and improve their learning abilities, social skills, confidence and many more!

"We believe that part of the problem lies in the approach to education. Often we focus both the content and the teaching method on linear patterns of learning that develop technical skills rather than the children’s own capacity to manage themselves and the world that surrounds them. Children need to develop their physical, emotional and cognitive abilities and awaken their creative potential.IBREA does not aim to bring about a whole new system of education. What we offer is a type of education that can be integrated with and enhance the systems that are already in place. Through awakening a person’s senses and strengthening their focus, concentration, motivation, stress management and self-esteem, Brain Education provides the foundation for learning and teaching to have a stronger impact in their integral growth as a human being.In cooperation with the UN Permanent Representations, we are bringing Brain Education to Latin America and Africa. Children who have suffered extreme violence and conflict in countries such as El Salvador and Liberia are the program’s principal beneficiary groups.

It all started with a 3-month pilot project in Distrito Italia, Tonacatepeque, one of the most violent schools at the outskirts of San Salvador. IBREA provided Brain Education to 24 educators (including 21 teachers and 3 health workers) and 39 children age 14-16. Research results included significant positive changes in peer relationships, anxiety, symptoms of trauma, self-regulation, stress management and levels of violence in the school and the community. The program was expanded to 4 more schools in 2012, over 200 schools in 2013 and over 400 schools in 2014. In partnership with the Salvadorian Institute of Educator’s Wellbeing (ISBM) and the Ministry of Education of El Salvador, we continue to provide training of trainers to principals of schools across the country, as well as to physicians and psychologists who are in charge of educators’ wellbeing through ISBM.The expansion of the program has allowed for improvements at the community levels. All the schools that participate in the program see changes in the school atmosphere, the levels of violence inside and around the school, as well as the parent’s involvement in the students successful education."


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