'Healing Hearts' Creative Classes in Brighton on Sundays

A creative step towards deep emotional healing and creation of new chapters.

Throughout our life we meet different people and form many relationships: some beautiful and nourishing, others painful or destructive. Those experiences rest deep in our subconscious, helping us form our view of the world and affecting all future relationships. This is why we need the process of healing and creating.

Brighton Body & Brain Centre introduces a series of weekly Sunday classes (2pm - 5pm) taking us on a creative journey from forgiveness and letting go to having a dream and creating a new life.

“I'm really excited to be combining the deep physical & emotional benefits of Body & Brain training with the healing process of creative expression.” says Anna-Lisa nim, a Body & Brain instructor who is facilitating new Healing Hearts Creative classes in Brighton.

“Before becoming a Body & Brain instructor I was an Art Therapist and worked in mental health care, schools and a hospice. Combining these 2 practices feels both like a homecoming and a new adventure”, says Anna-Lisa nim

“Through meridian based exercises and deep relaxation we can begin the process of releasing old

emotional blockages, and through art making or writing give a voice to the subconscious. Letting go of unseen (and seen) stuck energy is the beginning process of Healing Hearts. After shedding those layers we will then bring out the hope and vitality that lies underneath”.

When we are kids it is definitely easier to be creative and to think about art without prejudices or

preconception, it is just a simple, beautiful and a fun thing to do. But when we become adults, it feels like art it is something far away from life! Some people, even artists, find inspiration to be such a complicated and tiring mission to achieve. The aim of the Healing Hearts classes is to shake that inner feeling that exists within everyone and to let it be in whichever way we feel like. There is no rule or code to follow, the only big challenge is to let go and start creating. From a painting to a poem, creation will help us release deep blockages in our hearts, let go and move on.

For those who find it harder to creatively express themselves can use the help of poems and images in a Healing Hearts colouring book for adults by Manwol, spiritual guide in the Korean Tao tradition (Sundo). “The Healing Hearts coloring book is by a wonderful South Korean spiritual teacher, Manwol, who's imagery & writing are a huge inspiration to me”. Says Annalisa nim as she finds the book so positively useful. "The book on its own is a profound healing tool that goes far deeper than any other coloring book I've seen”.

Classes are open to everyone including beginners to both Body & Brain training and art making, writing. The emphasis is on a deeper experience of the body and the process of creative expression rather than producing a finished artwork.

Don’t wait! Just try, happiness is at your fingertips.

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