Choose your dream and live it fully

Learn to live mindfully through studying the Tao principles directly from the best practitioners.


During this 6 day course you will be facilitated to go deep into your subconcious, beyond your surface sensations, beliefs and labels and realise your inner, deeply rooted habits and patterns that you may then choose to change. Mind is constantly in contact with the body and visa virsa, through physical excersise you can change and brighten your mind, as your body is a direct reflection of your mindset. By moving your body you can rewire your habits at any time in your life, yet you must be aware of them first in order to do so. One can become aware through daily practice, meditation and self-reflection. To become a Dahn Master is to adopt a discipline of self-realisation in order to become healthier and happier and pass health and happiness onto others. 

What will I learn?


-Timeless Tao Principles

-Clear setting of your goals and tools to achieve them

-Tools to relax your body and mind 

-Connect with the deepest sensations in and all around your body

-Be free from your own limitations

-Chun Bu Shin Gong, Chun Bu Kyon and deep study of principles

Who is this course for?


- for those who are willing to change and be that change

- for those who are not afraid of a challenge 

- for those who are ready to take the responsibility for their lives


If you know of/may have a feeling of having any physical or mental trauma or condition, be sure to speak about it with the centre manager before booking this course.


"The Dahn Master course was not the easiest training that I have done. Even though I expected it to be very physical (in terms of generating power), it was strong in a complitely different way. The main focus was to develop a strong mind set and confidence around the principles: learn and rely on them in both good and bad times, be able to design my own life and make sure that every action I do is in the Hong Ik spirit (good for me, good for others). It is really about mindfulness. When I am reminded to watch my mind and body with sincerity, I can go deep into my subconscious and clean my negative thinking, habits and thoughts. As a Dahn Master I feel responsibility for the energy that I both project and hold in. I used to think that what I do/ think to myself does not affect others, however I did not realise that this is actually the most crucial aspect of healing the world; always start from within."


                                                                                                                                  A, Brighton

Dahn Master Course in the UK in 2016



30 May - 5 June



YKT - Young Ki Tong

Young means soul, Ki stands for life force energy all around us and Tong means connection in Korean language. YKT training usually involves holding the same posture for a longer period of time. When a specific posture is held, the medidian channels and points are being stimulated to flow and generate new energy. When the fresh energy enters the body shakes or vibrates until the channel is completely cleared and the energy regains its natural flow. 

Tao Holistic Healing

Tao healing class is a very deep physical training that includes many techniques that work on all three planes - physical, emotional and spiritual. It equivalates to having a very deep spring clean in the house, this training helps you to get into the depths of your full being and to "clean out" everything that doesn't do you good anymore. 

Tao Lectures

A series of lectures delivered by a senior master, exploring lifes big questions and offering guidance on how to live by timeless taoist/ energy principles.

These lectures are essential for anyone with a genuine interest in spiritual growth and a desire to live an enlightened lifestyle.


What are the principles?

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