Body and Brain brings Brain Education to Brighton. The practice offers deep physical, emotional and spiritual healing through meditative movement, deep stretching and good vibrations. Devoted to helping individuals better manage and utilize their brains, this beautiful discipline is suitable for people of all ages and levels, and it is the perfect way to increase your physical activity and gain a greater sense of peace.


The main focus of the practice is to achieve a physical and mental balance, and to recover our natural healing power. In our classes we encourage to smile, have fun, and feel the rhythm of the music. This is a truly beautiful practice and we can't wait to share it with you!


Meditative movement and breath awareness


Accumulate Ki energy and develop mind/body union


Benefits include skeletal alignment, improved circulation & better sleep


Deep stretches & core strengthening postures

Focus on gut health & the rebalance of mind/body

Music, smiling & having fun is a big part of every class - expect a good time!


High energy class with music & rhythmical training


Shaking your body to the beat of traditional Korean drumming art


Move into zero consciousness


Discover the roots of ShinSunDo practice in South Korea


Restore the balance in your mind, body and soul in Arizona


Experience nature & enlightenment in New Zealand!

10 min from Brighton Train Station

Centre in the heart in the community space, ONE CHURCH

Classes 7 Days a week and many 

community oriented events


Lasting for 1-7 days, we welcome beginners and seasoned students


Workshops include Finding Your True Nature, Chakra Healing & A Tao School of Enlightment



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Address: One Church, Gloucester Pl, Brighton BN1 4AA

Telephone: 01273 357 559